The Content

The conference syllabus within the two (2) conference days will discuss:

  1. Making the most of your conference - The organizers will discuss how to make the most of the conference, such as, giving an overview of the entire conference, managing your time, how to network, how to make the contacts and connections that will improve your service and career, and more.)
  2. The Music, The Minister and The Ministry. - Who is the music minister and what is his office? How does that office support the body of Christ?
  3. Working in the music ministry – How to serve your ministry better
  4. Managing The Music Department
  5. The Choir (the IN’s AND OUT’s) – Structure, formation, rehearsals, the team, the politricks
  6. The power of the music minister - (Power through the Word, Can he heal as well? Is singing gospel music ministering the Word as well?)
  7. The Gospel, The Artist and The message - The gospel artist must study and have depth in the Word, his ability or skill must be trained to give excellence, Healthy training tips for your vocal gift, and the song writing & musicality skills to convey the Word.
  8. Production, Engineering and the art of Recording – The sound of music, what it does to and for you, producing music, the skill needed, the right equipment and digital software, reducing noise, studying and practical experience, vocals, mixing, mastering, and more.
  9. State of the Industry – An industry guru and a Music Director will speak on the current state of play within the industry, the need to work together, to be selfless, and a need for a legacy for the next generation.
  10. I can sing, but can YOU handle the truth? – Interested artists can submit their music to be played in front of everyone in attendance, where the panelist will give their honest and uncensored opinion to those in attendance. Get the critique you have always wanted from the people who are making a living in this industry/business, but only if you can handle the truth
  11. Mentoring – A brief small-groups session where participants are mentored by invited seasoned gospel artistes on any issue.
  12. Meet the talent buyers – (A discuss via a panel of radio and TV station owners, promoters, marketers, and pastors who use your service, and their opinion as the employers of your skill)
  13. How to build a team around your product, person, brand, choir or music ministry – How to best get the attention of people you need, from marketers, promoters, managers, record labels, and other talent buyers.
  14. Music law and Protection – The legal world of the music business, and learning how to run your music as a business, protecting music, contracts, copyrights, creating a record of songs, non-disclosure agreements, lawsuits, and more
  15. Digital distribution and social marketing – itunes, reverb nation, youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs, mobile phone platforms, etc.
  16. Image and branding – How do you want to be perceived? Why am I boxed-in as a particular kind of music minister? What is damage a wrong image and brand can cause?
  17. Promotion, promotion, promotion!!! – How can you get your music to the world? Is your market only Nigeria or Africa or the world ? How can we win people over in China, USA, etc.
  18. Shed Session – (Instrumentalists jam session – keyboards, drums, guitar, base guitar, etc)
  19. Making an impact through the Media
  20. Creating Gospel inspired content in the 21st Century
  21. Music Videos - Interpretation, quality and production
  22. The Vocal Session – Panel session
  23. Collaborations
  25. Words of Wisdom – A prominent member of the business community who is a Christian, with at least Thirty (30) years experience, will give closing advice and remarks.


Warm ups and practice routines, Breathing, Diction, Vocal Arrangements, Song writing skills, Live performance, The recording session, etc